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With my Modern Prep Collection I am channeling my favorite Ralph Lauren Americana vibe. When I think of traditional I think of brick houses all lined up in a row with American flags out front, or a Slim Aarons photo where people are wearing polo shirts and riding on pretty boats. I don't think that traditional has to be dated and stuffy, I think the best version of traditional design is timeless and graceful. With this collection I'd like to allow you to bring a little bit of that classic feel to even the most modern room.


This pattern would look great in a dressed up office, dining room, kids room, powder room, kitchen, or bedroom. 


Design has a 24” repeat.


Do you need help? Wondering how to measure and order the right quantity of wallpaper? Wondering how to install peel and stick wallpaper? I can help! Send me an email at and look for my how to videos coming soon. 

Plaid in Blue| Traditional | Simple Stick Wallpaper | Easy Install & Removal

    • Easy peel and stick installation!
    • No messy glue or water required.
    • No primer coat required.
    • Poly-woven fabric has designer matte finish.
    • Heavy weight, high quality, paper-like look.
    • Vinyl material provides durability.
    • Simple cleaning using a damp cloth or sponge.
    • Removal is easy. No scoring or soaking. 
    • Formaldehyde, phthalate, and PVC-free.

Looking for a sample? Select 2'x2' below!

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