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How Easy is it to Remove Peel and Stick Wallpaper... Really?

Can we believe the hype? Can you really remove peel and stick wallpaper when it is time to move or you decide to do something new?... Well, just incase you don't believe me I found a completely non-bias source for you. The post below is from Interior Designer Emily A. Clark at Design Simplified. She says this:

"I thought I would let you know that it 100 percent lives up to the hype. I had it down in about three minutes and my walls were completely fine underneath, even after having it up for almost four years. As someone who has sat in a hot powder room with a wallpaper steamer for the good part of a week scraping small pieces of paper off, I will never (ever ever ever) hang wallpaper that requires paste again."

Check out the action photo below of Emily removing her paper. Note that the wall under her paper was never painted and that is why the color underneath looks uneven.

Yay Emily! Thank you so much for doing this test run and sharing it with us! I'm so glad to be able to draw from your experience. Emily is a wonderful source for all sorts of resources. Check out her blog here:

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